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Manual Invoice

5 Advantages of A Manual Invoice

Invoice books are essential, especially for small companies that need to keep a record of their payments. When a company uses a printed invoice, it proves to be professional.

These days companies opt for online invoices rather than manual invoices.
However, manual invoices have proved to be preferable to online invoices.

But before we get into depth, let’s take a brief look at what is an invoice in general.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document that contains a product or services purchased by a client and the client’s name.
Manual invoices are prints produced by commercial printing companies.
An online invoice is made by an online application.


Why choose a manual invoice over an online invoice?

1.Invoice books help build a brand. An invoice page contains a company’s logo, company’s services, and contact details. It is easy for a customer to contact your company. And even recommend your services.

2.Invoice books are secure. Unlike online invoices, manual invoices cannot be hacked. Even if you have to add personal details on a manual invoice, be sure that your details are safe because no third party will access them.

3.Invoices are easy to correct if mistakes occur. You quickly use an eraser to eliminate the wrong part you entered or tear away a page. The same is complicated on an online invoice.

4.Manual invoices are cheaper. Especially if you have a small business that has a few invoices to enter. Printing a manual invoice book can be a better solution than paying a deluxe system.

5.Invoice gives you authority over the outgoing and the incomings in your company. All the processes at your company are stored in a book so that you can always refer back.

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