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Simple Facts You Didn’t Know About Book Printing

Printed books seem of less value and outdated,  especially when digital technology has taken over.

However, printed books prove to be of more value than ebooks.

Do you believe it?

If you don’t, then read this article to understand why book printing companies are still important.

Book printing companies are still dominant because printed books are on demand.

book printing johannesburg

In Africa, a percentage of 13,5% has internet access. This percentage includes mostly the elite and the middle class. The remaining 85.6% of Africans neither cannot afford to have internet or live in remote places. Therefore their access to ebooks is limited as well. In these cases, printed books are essential.

Book printing companies now print on demand from their clients. However, this does not mean low production like how other sources assume but, it means that high production over priority.

Let’s take a brief look at why book printing companies are still dominant.

Book printing companies are ideal because;

1)printed material is more credible than online

2)less expensive

3)printed books reduce eyesight problem

4less distractive

Book Printing Company

It is not a lie that printed books are still preferable to most schools than ebooks. Schools in Africa favor printed books to ebook printing companies than ebooks because printed materials are cheap. Unlike ebooks, textbooks do not need another device to access them. If you have a textbook if you are a student, you can read it anytime,  anywhere.No internet bundle is required, and no iPhone or iPad is necessary to access it.

Printed material has long life than ebooks. Most materials online are deleted or updated as time goes on. But for printed books, the case is different. They can be stored safely and last for ages.

Printed books are more credible than online reads. Some of the online books contain crap and useless information as compared to printed books.

Printed books are less distractive than ebooks. With ebooks, there is always an advert popping up. And the level of concentration is regularly disturbed.

Nevertheless, if you have an organization that has a pending printing come to Book Printing in Johannesburg. And get a free consultation. Or contact us on 0100131242.

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